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Global Leader in Fashion on Culture

Mr. Makoto MORISHITA has worked more than 25 years in a field of architectural and townscape design and construction business and ultimately categorized as MAKE-UP ARTIST for townscape (exterior/interior) just like human's make-up where foundation, gradation, tonality, mascara, etc. are words to be used. He uses colorful precious and natural stones and earthenware instead of prominent mascara and shadows on cheek.


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The definition of the beauty of course varies one to another and one thing he admits is that it lies on the AGING - his taste of design can be found some old fragments in modern taste which is perfectly homogenized and well-balanced to our eyes. The essences of his imagination are gathered from the various and even tiny pieces of blue cobalt grazed ceramic pieces from Egypt, geometrical repetitive Islamic motif, brilliant reddish Japanese ancient KAKIUEMON Ceramic colors and motif and Japanese Zen Gardens.

He and his partner's masterpiece of design can be seen at Osaka Underground Diamond Mall with more than 30,000 sqms of corridor of art and have been given Ishikawa Pref. Governor's Award for Art Monument and Silver Prize for Best Artistic Work of Ceramic and Stone by INAX Corporation.

His imagination goes beyond artistic work but also onto mechanical engineering (industrial plant and green technology) as he believes that the balance is very important if possible it is a best in close link with Art - Design - Science - Engineering. He has been also serving as technical interpreter, advisor as well as consultancy for engineering companies especially on green oriented vehicles.

He is eligible to manage Italian, English (Study abroad in Canada and nearly 5 year-stay as Liaison Office Representative of Japanese Cultural Trading Company in Milan, Italy ) and Japanese and the capability and experiences in hospitality industry in younger age consented him to be Secretary General of Kyotango City Tourism Association in 2011 - 2013 mainly to promote City's image throughout international involvement such as ASEANTA Board Meetings in Kyotango City (2011) and ASEAN Fashion Week Event (2013) in neighboring city.

In 2010, he has been collaborated with Malaysian Automotive Institute and local supporting company to hold Malaysia's first EV ROUND TABLE (to showcase Electric Vehicle through the Forum with Japanese Professors and Experts) which ended successfully. He has been serving as President for Japan - World Fashion Brands and Merchandising ® since 2013 and he strongly believes that no experiences are considered USELESS but a jewel of puzzle game of your precious life.