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The World Fashion University is an international on-line education "facility" that will offer accredited courses and U.S. college degrees. Participants will download lectures, have discussions, complete and submit assignments, take exams, and access an entire library of learning materials - all from a personal computer.

The WFU is sponsored by World Trade University. Each regional and national chapter is a potential regional learning center for the WFU, providing administrative services and in-person student exams, which may be required upon completion of a course.

Our mission is to create and profitably maintain a global, online-offline university under the World Fashion University name and philosophy.

While we compete in the business world to gain market share and offer competitive products, our broadest goal is to foster peace and shared prosperity through education and global trade. Our collaboration with World Trade University will enable us to reach a growing international market of ambitious businesspeople and students seeking quality American university degrees and certificates. Through our agreements with well-regarded educational institutions, the World Fashion University will provide high quality content and connect students, professors, and professionals from across the globe in a truly international learning environment.