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World Fashion emphasizes the importance of life-long fashion, as “Mode of Life”, on “Open Fashion”, challenging the idea that a person can be too young or too old to find their talent limits. At the same time, expanding the categories also expanded World Fashion’s potential customer base.

We first create demand with our unique value proposition, redefining fashion in terms of OPENNESS and introducing World Fashion as the exclusive pathway to become fashioner, i.e. “A World runway to The Runway”. As a result, we are able to adopt a blue ocean strategy in a competitor free market with unlimited opportunities for expansion. World Fashion’s universal scalability similarly creates a limitless customer base, which we constantly engage through a variety of social media platforms. Building on this connectedness, our customers, employees, and owners are empowered to push one another and the brand forward. Combined with external strategic partnerships, we create a business uniquely able to withstand economic volatility. World Fashion undeniably take the fashion industry by storm, and by looking to and learning from the company’s core practices, businesses of all types and in all industries have equally disruptive potential.