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<I><B>                            INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE                         </B></I>▶▶

WFW World Fashion Week is proud to Present WFE World Fashion Exhibition, showcasing and promoting masterpieces created by leading fashion designers across five continents, as a prelude to WFW 2016. WFE will be featured during a world tour, spreading its social voice in Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Latin America, Europe and North America, being exhibited in different fashion weeks around the world, advocating for a sustainable global fashion community. 

WFE will keep an ongoing promotion of participating designers, countries and international partners from 2016 calendar on. All pieces will be exhibited during international fashion weeks and displayed in mannequins, supporting and advocating for cultural exchange and social development. The WFE will be open for general public, at no charge but heart-donations, during fashion weeks, in an effort to bring closer the general costumers to the fashion design industry, raising from all corners of our world.  

The WFE raise awareness and funding for social corporate responsibility and human development, especially focused in encouraging entrepreneurship activities, the empowerment of women and the eradication of poverty. The Art of Living Foundation will receive the proceeds of all exhibited couture outfits bets/donations during all WFE events, benefiting the eradication of extreme poverty by empowering women.

World Fashion Exhibition