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Executive Activities

Secretariat for  HON. Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy

Hon. Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy Profile Part I

From 1994 he was the executive director of the Euro-Asian Association of Coal and Metal of the CIS. Due to his long-term activity, the Association established the international business partnership of Ukraine with many countries and signed the cooperation agreement with the secretariat of the European Economic Commission of the UNO and the cooperation agreement with the UNO Centre in industrial development. By the representation of Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy, the EEC UNO approved the pilot project "Safe methane" of the use of the methane gas for the production of electricity which was successfully implemented by the PJSC "Mine named after A. F. Zasyadko" and "Raspadskaya" mine in Russia.

 In 2010, Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy took an active part in the release of the Ukrainians from captivity in Kongo. He provides charity support for the Svyatogorskaya Lavra.

Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy is a correspondent member of the International Informatization Academy  and got Honorary Certificates of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Donetsk Regional State Administration, with the bagdes of honour of Donetsk Regional Council and the International Chamber of Commerce "Golden Scyfhian  Pectoral",  with the badges "Miner's Glory" and "Miner's Courage" of three grades. Mr. Valery Kagalovskiy was awarded the Medal for the 200th Anniversary from the day of birth of A.S.Pushkin. He is the Honorary Worker of Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia.

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